5 Best tips to use snipers in Free Fire for accurate headshots

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Free Fire has a robust selection of firearms. They are divided in to many different categories, such as ARs, SMGs, Shotguns, and snippers. It’s imperative to be able to effectively use each of them to become a better player. For long-range combat the KAR98K, the AWM, and the M82B are excellent weapons. The following tips will assist players in becoming better at using sniper rifles and getting more headshots.

How to load more headshots using snipers in Free Fire.

1] Practice


Practice is the key to improvement, and there is no substitute for it. There is a target range in the training island that players can use to train their mechanical abilities. Gamers can practice hitting the stationary targets at first and then moving ones. Later on, they can also head to the combat zone and play a few clash squad games.

2] Characters combinations

Choosing the right combination of characters can be very helpful in elevating the overall gameplay of the users. Players can use Laura’s sharp shooter ability, which increases the accuracy when they are scoped in.

Initially, the buff in the accuracy is by 10, and at the maximum level, it is 30. Having this character can assist players in shooting down enemies with headshots from a range.

Having Muco’s Hacker Eye in the combination can also prove to be quit beneficial as once the enemy has been shot, the information about their location is shared.

3] Sensitivity Setting

The sensitivity setting in Garena Free Fire undoubtedly have a significant in act on how players perform. However, there is no ideal range, as it is entirely subjective and heavily influenced by the players preference.

Users should have it at all higher end of the scale to avoid problems while scoping and hit headshots. In addition to this, players shouldn’t switch between the setting very often.

4] Taking a fight from a higher ground

A piece of advise for players is to try to fight their opponents from the higher ground since this gives them a significant advantages, especially when they use snipers. As a result, players will be able to land more headshots and knock their opponents out.

5] Predicting the movement of the opponent


A crucial aspect of successfully executing headshots with snipers is predicting the section of the enemy. Since the opponent does not always stand still, users need to estimate hoe they will move about and take their shots.

The ability to guess the same would come with experience. Players will be gaining that after they play more matches in Garena Free Fire.

Also- read: 5 Best Magic cube bundles in Free Fire.

Free Fire has a vast collection of in-game cosmetic items, and there are several methods that players can use to obtain them. A Magic Cube is one the most sought-after commodities in the game as players can use it to redeem excusive costume bundles. Players can convert 100 cubes fragments in to 1 Magic cube in Free Fire.

Great Magic Cube bundles that free fire can obtain in the game.

#1] Duchess swallowtail bundles


Duchess swallowtail is one of the best female costume bundles available in Free Fire. Players can redeem it using a Magic Cube.

The Bundle contains the following items:

  • Duchess Swallowtail (Head)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Top)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Bottom)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Shoes)

#2] Best- Arm Mutant Bundle.

Beast- Arm Mutant is a legendary male bundle that contains the following five items:

  • Beast-Arm Mutant (Top)
  • Beast-Arm Mutant (Bottom)
  • Beast-Arm Mutant (Shoes)
  • Beast-Arm Mutant (Head)
  • Beast-Arm Mutant (Face paint)

#3] L.C. Commander bundle.


The L.C. Commander bundle was released in free fire’s Diamond Royale in May 2020. It can be obtained using a Magic Cube. Players will find the following items in the bundle:

  • Commander (Head)
  • Commander (Mask)
  • Commander (Top)
  • Commander (Bottom)
  • Commander (Shoes)

#4] Best-Arm clone bundle

Beast-Arm clone is the female version of the Beast-Arm Mutant. It was released in November last year but was added to the Magic Cube store in March. This contents of Beast-Arm clone are as follows:

  • Beast-Arm clone (Top)
  • Beast-Arm clone (Bottom)
  • Beast-Arm clone (Shoes)
  • Beast-Arm clone (Head)
  • Beast-Arm clone (Face Paint)

#5] Mystic Seeker

The Mystic seeker is a male cube bundle that comes with the following five items:

  • Mystic Seeker (Head)
  • Mystic Seeker (Mask)
  • Mystic Seeker (Top)
  • Mystic Seeker (Bottom)
  • Mystic Seeker (Shoes)

How to redeem Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire.

Redeem Magic Cubes bundles

Players can follow these steps top redeem Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire:

  • After opening Free Fire, players should click on the store icon.
  • They should then head to the “redeem” tab.
  • Players can choose the desired Magic Cube bundle and click on the Exchange option.
  • A dialog box will appear on the screen, asking players to confirm the redemption.


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