How to get free MP40 Bloody Gold Weapon crate and more rewards in free fire today

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Players who are in to Free Fire can win exciting rewards by taking part in the various events that the game comes up with. An event named “WATCH CLIPS TO WIN” allows players to win rewards by just watching clips on the Booyah! app, Garena’s exclusive social entertainment application. The Booyah! app has a wide range of videos that players can watch. Players can not only watch videos, but also create their own videos for other players to watch.

This event started on June 2nd, 2021, and it will end today. Some of the rewards offered by event are:

  • MP40 Bloody Gold Weapon crate.
  • Urban Ranger weapon crate.
  • White Sneakers.

NOTE: Players must log in to the Booyah! app and link their account to their free fire profile.

How to get free rewards in free fire by watching clips?

Player need to follow the steps given below to get free exciting rewards in free fire:

  1. Players need to head over to the Google Play Store and download the Booyah! application.
  2. After installing the app, players must log in via the social media account that is linked to their free fire account.
  3. Players will be given many clips to watch. They need to watch the clips for at least 10 minutes in order to be eligible to win the rewards.
  4. Players can then open free fire and redeem the rewards from the in-game mail section.

NOTE: To know more about the event, players can open free fire and click on “Watch Clips to win!”.

After opening it, player can click on “GO TO” and follow the instructions given above to claim the rewards.

Also Read: How to pre-order Season 37 Elite Pass in free fire.

The developers of free fire introduce an elite pass every month. This Elite Pass brings in exciting tier-based rewards that player can win. Once the season 36 Elite Pass closes on May 31st, 2021, The season 37 Elite Pass will begin. The pre-order for the upcoming Elite Pass has already started and will continue until June 31st,2021.

The theme of this season’s Elite Pass is “Evil Enchanted”. Player who pre-order will get an exclusive pre-order reward: Evil Enchanted Face paint. The Season 37 Elite Pass can be accessed by free fire players from June 1st,2021 onwards.

Steps to pre-order Season 37 Elite Pass in free fire.

Player must follow the steps given below to pre-order the season 37 Elite Pass in free fire.

  1. Players need to open free fire and head over to the Elite Pass section.
  2. Platers need to then click the icon beside the upgrade option.
  3. Players will then have to click on the 999 diamonds button.
  4. Once the dialogue box appears asking for combination, players will have to click on the yellow 999 option.

Season 37 Elite Pass Rewards in free fire.

As per free fire, the following items are the rewards in the season 37 Elite Pass.

  • Monster Truck Skin – 0 Badge.
  • Avatar – 10 Badges.
  • Avatar – 5 Badges.
  • Jacket – 15 Badges.
  • Jacket – 40 Badges.
  • Banner – 30 Badges.
  • Banner – 150 Badges.
  • Female – 50 Badges.
  • M1873 Skin – 80 Badges.
  • Backpack – 100 Badges.
  • Banner – 115 Badges.
  • MP5 Skin – 125 Badges.
  • Avatar – 135 Badges.
  • Emotes _ 140 Badges.
  • Surfboard – 150 Badges.
  • Loot Box – 200 Badges.
  • Male Bundle – 225 Badges.
  • Parachute – 200 Badges.

Also read: Free Fire call back event June 2021, Everything you need to know.

Free Fire has launched yet another new event through which player can bring back their old comrades to the battlefields and get rewards in the process. This event has been added as an individual event, away from the ongoing chrono events. Free Fire call back Event gives an opportunity for players to earn some diamond vouchers for a smaller efforts . Garena has been fully indulged in it’s celebrations of operation chrono events which were a part of the themed season. This season was a product of large collaboration between football star Cristiano Ronaldo and Free Fire. A long list of events have been launched since then but call back event is very different from that.

Players have been exciting opportunity to earn free diamonds vouchers and an exclusive pet skin for calling back their old friends who left free fire. Any one who has not lagged in to the game in last few days can be invited via this event and for every player brought back, Garena is giving away five rewards.

This event is self explanatory and players just have to navigate to the Call Back Event section and click on the “CALL BACK” button provided. A list of names from linked social media account will appear. Select the player you wish to call back and click on INVITE. Each time a player returns back to the game through your link, you will be awarded with the relevant rewards.

You can invite up to 7 friends and can get the free pet skin for every successful try. Remember that this event will run till 25th December so hurry up and Call your friends back to the game.


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