How to get free legendary emote and car skins in Free Fire before 4 November 2021.

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Garena Free Fire has many cosmetic option for players, including skins and bundles. Moreover, tons of new content is routinely released by the developers. Although many of these enticing items don’t influence gameplay, they are a huge draw for users.

To acquire many of these items, users must spend diamonds. Sometimes, the developers introduce these exclusive items as part of the top-up event rewards, where they can be obtained by purchasing in-game currency.

As a result of the Free Fire X McLaren collaboration, players can expect plenty of new cosmetics. The McLaren top-up event has added an emote and can skin to the game. Here is a guide on how to get them in Garena Free Fire.

How to get a unique look and gesture for the car in Free Fire

The McLaren P1- Helios car Skin, win and chill emote are part of the new McLaren Top-up events, Which started on June 8th,2021. Interesting, the car skin increases acceleration and reduces damage. During this time, players leave the perfect opportunity to acquire some of the exclusive rewards by purchasing a certain amount of diamonds.

They will have to recharge 200 diamonds for the car skin, while the gesture requires 500 diamonds. There rewards are technically free, as platers only need to purchase in-game currency and not spend it to it to obtain them. However, they must spend real money to get the diamonds.

The event provides a win-win situation for users to regularly reload diamonds as the rewards offer much better value for diamonds. Users can follow the steps below to collect the rewards after purchasing the indicated amount of diamonds.

  • Open the events section by tapping the calendar icon on the right side of the screen.
  • On the events tab, select “McLaren refill”.
  • Press the claim button must to the corresponding rewards to get them.

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Free Fire has become one of the most popular battle Royale Games on mobile devices in recent years. It stands out from tittles of the same generation because of it’s unique attributes, Such as different characters with abilities, pets, weapon. skins with abilities, and more.

In addition, it includes a level-based progression that requires users to earn a certain member of EXP points in order to increase this level Upon reaching a higher level, users will receive a random rewards. Here are a few tips users can follow to level up quickly in Free Fire.

How to use rewards redemption site for free fire redeem codes this month.

Free Fire players after rely on redeem codes to acquire exclusive in-game items since diamonds, the in-game currency, are too expensive for them to purchase. Usually, there codes released through the game’s official social media handles during celebrations or specific events. Garena has set-up a dedicated website to allow players to use Free Fire redeem codes.

However, many new users are unaware of how to use them in the game.

Here is a guide that players can follow to use the rewards redemption site to obtain their rewards.

A step-by-step guide using Free Fire redeem codes from the rewards redemption site.


The steps for using the Free Fire redeem code have been listed below.

STEP 1: As mentioned earlier, users should first go to the rewards redemption subsite. The link has been given below:

Reward redemption guide in this link :

STEP 2: Next, players must log in using their preferred method, They are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • VK
  • Twitter
  • Apple ID
  • Huawei ID

STEP: 3 After the players login, they must enter the redeem code. Following that, they must click on “Confirm”.

STEP 4: When redemption is successful, a dialog box will appear on their screen confirming it. Items will be delivered to the player’s. Free Fire accounts within one day, Which can be collected from the in-game mail section. Also, guest users will be unable to redeem the code and might want to link their ID to one of the platforms mentioned above.

Common errors faced by players during the redemption process.

“Failed to redeem this code can not be used on your region”. Players who attempt to use an code that isn’t intended for their region will encounter this error.

“Failed to redeem the code is invalid or redeemed”.

There is a time limit for redemption codes, and once this has been crossed the given error will likely be displayed. The same error will also be encountered by users when they have already used the code. Regardless of the case, there is no possible way to evade either of these errors.


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