3 best Free Fire character combinations with Chrono and Andrew for clash squad season 7

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The abilities/skills of multiple characters in free fire, and having appropriate combination can aid the player immensely on the battlefield. Teams are made up of one character that has an active ability and three that have a passive one. There are 39 characters in the game, and the developers keep adding new ones to expand the choices for the players. Chrono is a renowned option amongst the free fire community due to his incredible ability. An awakened version of Andrew was recently released.

Clash squad is one of the modes present in the game, and its Ranked Season 7 started only a few days back. This article provides 3 characters combination that can be created using Chrono and Andrew for this game mode.

Disclaimer: All the abilities in this article are the maximum level of the character.

Chrono in Free Fire

Ability: Time Turner

“Time Turner” creates a forcefield that blocks 600 damage from foes, and players can fire outside while they are within it. Moreover, the movement speed increases by 15%, and it lasts for 8 seconds. But, it’s cooldown is 170 seconds.

Andrew in Free Fire

Ability: Armor specialist.

Andrew’s ability decreases the vest durability loss by 12%. If the players have the awakened version, that is, Andrew. “The Fierce,” the armor damage reduction is boosted by 14%. There is an additional 15% damage reduction from every teammate carrying this skill.

Best Free Fire character combinations for Chrono and Andrew.

Proper listed here are the character combinations:

  1. Chrono+ Andrew+ Jota+ Jai

Jota : Sustained Raids

Jai : Ragging Reload

Sustained raids provides the players 40HP per execute the utilization of a weapon from a shotgun or SMG class. It has a cool down of 5 seconds.

Jain’s talent, Raging Reload, replenishes the journal of the gun robotically by 45% with each knockdown. It’s restricted to AR, Pistol SMG and SG.

Jai in Free Fire

Proper right here is taken in to account to be the best character combination for people who buy aggressive gameplay. Jota’s talent will within the cut back value of the respect to reload whereas dashing, as a result of the journal will reload robotically by a outer proportion after pulling down a foe.

Chrono+ Andrew+ Antonio+ SHIROU

Antonio: Gangster’s spirit

SHIROU: Injury Delivered

With Antonio’s Gangster’s spirit talent, players purchase 35 further HP when the spherical begins. Upon being list by an enemy, the Injury Delivered talent tags have taken for 6 seconds inside an 8 OM range. The primary shot to the marked opponent has a 100% amplify in armor penetration, and there might maybe a cooldown size of 20 seconds.

SHIROU in Free Fire

This mixture can be an accurate choice for players. Antonio’s talent is taken in to account to be among the many many excellent ones for the clash squad mode as in each spherical, Costumers delivery with 235HP, offering them with a mighty-wanted benefit all through wanted moments. Injury delivered will display screen opponent’s area, and the preliminary shot will respect elevated armor penetration.

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Chrono+ Andrew+ HAYATO+ MOCO

HAYATO: Bushido

MOCO: Hacker’s survey

Bushido outcomes in an amplify in armor penetration of players with a 10% lower of their max HP. Further more, if players respect an wakened model of the character, the frontal hurt additionally sees a cut back value. MOCO’s talent tags opponent for 5 seconds and the website is shared with the teammates.

MOCO’s in Free Fire

This mixture may even be tried out by the costumers as a result of the amplify in armor penetration can a set them to knock down their foes sooner. Within the interval in between the utilization MOCO’s talent, players will know opponent’s places for a number of seconds, enabling them to make their subsequent switch properly.


This article is based on the preference of the writer. No characters have been repeated in this list to provide players with a broader range of options. Players can always mix and match characters from combinations based on their performance and playing styles.


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