3 Safest landing spots with high amount of loot in Free Fire’s Kalahari map

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The Battle Royale genre has established itself on the mobile segment, and tittle like GARENA FREE FIRE and PUBG Mobile have flourished. Like most other games, Free Fire is quite competitive, courtesy of it’s prevalent ranked based system Players desire to become the best among their peers and reach the higher tiers. Numerous factors affect their gameplay, with landing spots being one of them.

Top 3 Loot location in kalahari Map of Free Fire.

  • Refinery

Refinery is one of the preferred and riskiest drop locations on the kalahari map in Garena Free Fire. It’s swarmed by many players courtesy of the ample amount of high-tier loot and equipment it provides. The location is located in the center of the map. Users would have to be cautions and be on the lookout for foes as it one of the hot-drops.

  • Bayfront

Bayfront is another hot-drop location where the users are expected to find fierce competition. it is spread across a vast area and features numerous buildings. It offers the users an extensive amount of weaponry, armory, and other item,. helping them get the Booyah!

  • Command Post

Command post is the last spot on their list of riskiest drop locations in Free Fire’s Kalahari map. Similar to the places mentioned above, it consists of sufficient loot for the player’s entire squad.

  • Confinement

Located on the of the Kalahari map, the confinement is one of the most overlooked locations. It offers good loot and safety. Only a handful of players choose to drop here since it’s far away from the action-packed center of the map. However, there are still chances that you many encounter other players in Confinement. So remember to stay alert all the time. And look out for the zones.

Hot Drops.

Hot drops zones are also locations to find high-tie-loot in Garena Free Fire. You can see the hot-drop zones on Kalahari with ease ( the blue circle on the map). These areas are high risks, high rewards drop zones. If you’re looking for some action , we highly recommending landing in the hot-drops.

The maze.

The Maze is the next location on this list of landing spots. It is relatively safer compared to the other hot-drops on the Kalahari Map. It offers gamers a high concentration of loot and other equipment to help them get the Booyah!

Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge is another landing spot that the users can try out. It is present in the bottom right of the Kalahari map and spreads across a vast area. Players will be able to find a sufficient amount of loot for their entire squad.


Landing spots usually depends on the trajectory of the plane. Some users wish to take risks by choosing hot-drops, whereas other may prefer playing if safe.


The choice of landing spots in Free Fire is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individuals playing style.


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