Top 5 least expensive Garena Free Fire characters of all time

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Characters play an essential role in Free Fire, and having the right ones can be extremely helpful to get the Booyah. Developers are constantly introducing new characters to the game, broadening the overall selection of options available to players with each update.

It has been announced in the patch notes of OB28’s new update that a character called D-Bee. Will be added soon, although it is unclear when this will happen. Listed below are five characters that are available for the lowest price in free fire in-game store.

The game has a total of 34 characters and other than the default character. Nulla and Primis, each character has one unique ability. Free Fire characters can be purchased using gold coins or diamonds. To get good at the game, you need to choose the right character that suits you. hence we have made a list of the five bang-for -buck Free Fire characters. you can purchase if you are new to the game and only pack a few gold coins.

1- Nikita

Nikita is for those who play aggressively and keep on racking kills as Nikita’s unique ability “Firearms Expert” lets her reload sub Machine Guns (SMG) 4% faster. SMGs have a high fire rate and are ideal for close-range combat. Nikita’s in-game description reads “she is a professional who is assigned to protect and escort carolyn and is also the daughter of the chairman of the Free Fire’s organization”. Nikita can be purchased for a total of 2000 gold coins or 199 diamonds and is suitable for those who practice a more aggressive style of gameplay in Free Fire.

2- Kelly

Price: 2000 Gold

Kelly boasts an incredible ability Named “Dash”, which increases the sprinting speed of the players by 1% at the initial level. When leveled up to the max, the rise in the sprinting speed is 6%. In addition to that, players can obtain the awakened version of the characters named Kelly “The swift” by completing awakening missions.

3- Ford

Ford should be your pick if you prefer to drop on outer location of the map and play safely, as Ford’s ability called ‘Iron Will’ decreases the damage you receive for being outside the zone by 4%, allowing you to race to the far spawned safe zone without losing a considerable amount of health. Ford is also one of the OG of the game. His in-game description reads “Ford is a former Navy officer who has his own set of secrets. Ford is very resilient, and the only person who can make his determination waver was probably her”.

Ford can be purchased for a total of 2000 gold coins or 199 diamonds and is suitable for those who prefer to go low key in terms of combat.

4- Olivia

Olivia is best-suited for those who prefer playing as a support and mostly stay out of combat, but at the same time provide utility to the teammates, as Olivia’s ability called ‘Healing touch’ gives 6 extra HP to the teammates she receives. Olivia in-game description reads- “Olivia was a nurse, and nursing and caring for others brings her happiness. Patients saved by her healing touch gain an inexplicable strength and confidence in life”.

Olivia can be purchased for a total of 2000 gold coins or 199 diamonds and is suitable for those who are looking to play a support character.

5- Alok-Heal god

  • Cost: 2499 diamonds
  • Skill: Drop the Beat
  • Effect: Creates a 5m aura that heals per second and increases companions speed.

Since making it in to the game, Alok has not left the top ranking of the most chosen. This is because he is simply a healing machine that works for both solo players and those who are going to bet on squads.

In last, for those who are going to play in squads, he is even more efficient, since his ability also guarantees a speed boast. No wonder, in the main free fire championships, you will always see him appearing in the team’s compositions. Alok received some nerfs, which fixed his cure bug, but he is still a great option for those who have some diamonds to spend on the account.

6- Paloma- Good for free fire solo

  • Cost: 400 diamonds or 800 coins
  • Skill: Arms- dealing
  • Effect: You can load more AR ammunition without taking up space in your inventory.

Do you enjoy Paloma’s military look? It is not for nothing. she manages to carry a lot of AR ammunition, which is the most used weapon category in the game, without taking up inventory space. This, in practice, means that there is much more room for grenades and other items that you find important to use in combat.

Because of this reason, Paloma is one of the most used characters in the game in solo made. In squad she loses a little bit of value, since the other teams will focus on effects that help the group and her ability is very individualistic. If you want to become a free fire master on solo, this character is a great option for a first-time investment. if you play a lot, you can even buy with coins, and you need eight thousand of them to make the purchase. otherwise, she also doesn’t cost a lot of diamonds if you are looking to make an investment.


HAYATO is one of the most popular characters in the game and is the best choice for newcomers looking for a character that rolls out heavy damage, as he comes with a unique ability called ‘Bushido’ , which increases armor penetration by 7.5%, With every 10% decrease in maximum HP. The increased armor penetration reduces kill times.

HAYATO is a little more expensive compared to other characters on this last. HAYATO can be purchased for a total of 8000 gold coins or 499 diamonds and is perfect for killing opponents quicker than usual.

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Steps to purchase them

  1. Players need to open Free Fire and tap the “store” icon.
  2. Next, they must click on the “characters” tab and select the desired option.
  3. Users should then click on the “Purchase” button. A dialogue box would appear asking them to confirm the process. Upon doing so, the characters will be purchased in Free Fire.

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