Top 5 tips to avoid early deaths in Free Fire

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Free Fire has short, 10-minute Battle Royale matches. There is a lot to do within a few minutes. If players land in the wrong place, do not find armor or start off on the wrong note, they can get killed within a minute. While it might be tempting to just start shooting everyone in sight, that’s not always a smart move. The whole point is to survive till the end and not chase and kill other players.

  • Pay attention to sounds of surroundings.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you.
  • Use the mini map.
  • Monitor the ammo in your weapon’s magazine.
  • Monitor your health bar
  • Avoid using vehicles if possible.

Pay attention to sounds surrounds.

The position of an enemy who currently fires his or her gun will be marked by a red triangle on your mini map.

Most of the actions performed by a player emit sounds or noise, these include sounds of footsteps while running, jumping over fences, standard jumping or noise of using weapons. Moreover, shots are also recorded on the mini map-the position of the player who fire- his/her gun will be marked with a red triangle. Therefore, it is worth using the sound to gain and advantage over others-thanks to this, you’ll be able to track other players positions before they do, making it easier to setup ambushes.

PLEASE NOTE_ That the whole in-game sound mechanism works in both directions and other players can also track you down after you make a lot of noise. Try to move quietly, in a crouched position, and never use your weapons when there is nothing (or no one) to shot at.

Try not to land in crowded places

If players pick up armor and weapons quickly upon landing, they can start firing other weapon-less player. However, this is not always possible. Unless the player is sure they are going to get an AWM or SVD and top-level is a bad move. Armored enemies might ambush you while you are busy gathering items.

Don’t wait for fancy weapons

Just pick up any good old pistols, pans, or even melee weapons after landing. To survive, it is necessary to have some kind of gear. Basic weapons can be dropped and replaced with other advanced weapons later on in the game.

Avoid vehicles, go for an electrical surfboard.

While playing solo, it is best to avoid vehicles. This is because a player cannot shoot while driving. Enemies can easily ambush a driver. Additionally, a moving vehicle might attract attention and multiple players might attack the driver. For quicker movements, opt for an electric surfboard. Players can easily get off the surfboard and shoot at the enemy.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you

During the game you should look around regularly and watch out for the movement of other players. This will allow you to catch someone running in an open field more than once without being able to hide. Behind a cover, giving you a huge advantage over them. Also, it’s worth looking at the buildings in the vicinity-simply look for player silhouettes in one of the windows or someone running in to the building. Being in control of what happens in your neighborhood will help you avoid many ambushes set by other players.

Monitor your health bar

During the game, the health bar should always remain at full capacity. You must not allow a situation in which you run with or lesser amount of health points, as this significantly reduces your chances of survival. Use Mede kits regularly to restore your health-even if you are wasting some of these items.

Get defensive and camp

Aggression is not always the right strategy. Once players are equipped with armor, it would be smarter to camp and lay low until a few platers are eliminated. There is no need to go after more weapons when a players should avoid chasing airdrop if they already have powerful weapons.

Monitor the ammo in your weapon’s magazine

First of all, always try to have a loaded magazine in all your weapons there’s nothing worse than starting a battle with enemies only to find out that you have 3 bullets left in your AK47’s magazine while you still have 300 extra bullets in your backpack. secondly, never reload weapons while standing in plain sight, especially during combat with another player-a few seconds to reload may be enough for the enemy to come at you and finish you off. Always try to disappear from your opponents sight before you start reloading. Thirdly, always collect proper ammunition for weapons you intend to use. Even if you already have 100 bullets for the AK47, it’s worth collecting extra bullets if you don’t have enough space, you can just throw them away.


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