5 Best passive abilities to use in free fire’s clash squad season 7

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Character in free fire unique abilities that help players on the battleground there skill are divided into active [those always active while active abilities are potent passive skill are also beneficial in short and intense match’s like the clash squad mode. it is a team deathmatch match type that pits two teams against each other with the side claiming the maximum number of rounds win the match.

This article shares the best passive abilities beneficial for free fire’s clash squad mode.

Most suitable passive abilities for Free Fire’s clash squad season 7

Miguel’s passive abilities changer grants players 30EP for each kill. It improves as he progresses through the levels he is a good pick for passive and aggressive players because his ability aids in clash squad mode while rushing by providing an additional supply of healing during combat


HAYATO’S passive ability is called bushido. at its base level it improved the enemy’s armor penetration by 7.5 percent for every 10 percent loss in the player’s total H.P. HAYATO’S skill advance as he progresses through the levels. it is best suited for aggressive players and grants additional damage which is helpful in close range combat.

Gear Recycle

Shani’s passive ability is known as gear recycle it recovers ten armor durability after each kill at its default level [Level] he skill enhances as she progresses through the leaves SHAHI’S ability benefits both aggressive and passive players in clash squad matches.

Sustained raids

Jota’s passive ability is called sustained raids it immediately recovers 25HP on each SMG or shotgun kill at its most basic level and there is a second cool down.

Jota’s ability improve as his skill levels rice he an excellent character for aggressive players who want to rank up kills.

Gangster’s Spirit

Antonio has a passive ability Gangster’s spirits that increases the players HP by ten at start of each round ANTONIO’S skill improve with the rice in levels this ability is vital in C.S mode since it gives players additional HP before each round and given then an edge over opponents while rushing.


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