DJ Alok vs Jai vs MARO in Free Fire: Which character is better for factory challenge?

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The factory challenge is a custom room game mode in Free Fire, where players fight against each other on the top of the factory roof with bare hands (melee weapons). The last men standing wins.

Dj Alok is a excellent choice for this challenge, and this article compares him, Jai,, and Maro to decide Who is better for the factory challenge in Free Fire.

Analyzing the abilities of DJ Alok and Jai in Free Fire

DJ Alok

Skill Type: Active

DJ Alok active ability is known as Drop the Beat, which at it’s default level, produces a 5m aura, increasing ally movement speed by 10% and restoring 5HP/s for five seconds. At his maximum level(6), Alok Skill improve ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.


Ability: Raging Reload

Skill Type: Passive

JAI’S passive ability is called Ragging reload, which can automatically reload a gun’s magazine by 30% after knocking down an opponent. However, this reloading capability is limited to rifles falling under the AR, Pistol, SMG classes.

At it’s highest level, Ragging Reload can reload a gun’s magazine automatically by 45%.


Ability: Falcon Fervor

Skill Type: Passive

Maro’s ability, falcon fervor, increases the damage over distance by up to 5% level 1. It also pushes up damage dealt on tagged enemies by 1%.

At it’s highest level (level 6), Falcon Fervor increses damage over distance by 25%. Meanwhile, the damage dealt on marked opponents increases by 35%.

MARO’S ability increases damage over distance . But, the challenge requires close-range fist fighting. Hence, MARO’S power will not be helpful here.

JAI’S ability reloads gun magazines faster, but the factory challenge is about fist fighting or melee weapons, and there is no use of guns here. Therefore JAI is also useless.

DJ Alok is the best choice among the three as his ability can boost the HP and movement speed of the players, which will be beneficial for such a match type.

NOTE: Since the factory challenge is a Custom room mode in Garena Free Fire, the weapon choice solely depends on the individual player. The fights are usually 1V1, and the popular weapons used are melee and fists. This article compares the two characters based on these criteria.


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