Free Fire City Ahmedabad finals: Winning team, overall standing, top 5 players and prize pool distribution.

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The Ahmedabad Finals of the Free Fire City Open 2021 came to a close today with zero Degree emerging as championship which will be played on August 15th.

In the Finals, zero Degree had 31 kills and 75 points, topping the overall points table. The extreme came in second with 31 kills and 71 points, followed by the conqueror with 26 kills and 65 points. Bolt Regiment didn’t take any Booyah! but managed to grab fourth spot with 63 points.

There will be an opportunity for the teams ranked 2nd to 4th qualify for the Free Fire City open National Finals by playing in regional play-ins. City slums despite clinching two Booyah! failed to qualify for any further stage.

Bolt Regiment Fire 7 was awarded the finals MVP as he took 13 kills with 6282 damage.

Qualified teams for the regional finals of Free Fire City open Ahmedabad.

  1. Zero degree
  2. War house
  3. United 4HL
  4. Underdog
  5. Fearless-4
  6. Conqueror
  7. Team Fighters
  8. New invention
  9. CJ Teddy
  10. City Slums
  11. Bolt regiment

The city Final beast a prize pool of INR 2,00,000. The winner will take home 1,00,000 INR, while the 1st runner-up will take home 50,000 INR. The 3rd and 4th place teams will receive INR 25,000 cash prize.

Schedule of maps for the finals of Ahmedabad:-

  • Game 1:- Bermuda
  • Match 2:- Purgatory
  • Second 3:- Kalahari
  • Match 4:- Bermuda
  • Match 5:- Purgatory
  • Second 6:- Kalahari

Free Fire City Ahmedabad Finals Match standing:

The first match played on the classic map of Bermuda was won by conqueror with 10 frags followed by war house with four frags. Zero degree took six kills in the first match. Zero Degree bagged the second match, played on Purgatory,. with 11 kills, followed by Underdogs 77 with seven frags. The Extreme took eight frags in the match.

The 3rd match, played on Kalahari, was won by the Team Extreme with eight kills. Underdogs secured second place with five eliminations. Conqueror was eliminated early but managed to grab six frags. City slums emerged victorious in the fourth match with 8 frags. Fearless 4 played aggressively to grab 10 kills and secure second place in the match.

Zero Degree once again won the fifth match with 10 kills. United 4HL was eliminated early but managed to grab 7 frags. Zero vivek was awarded the MVP tittle as he took 4 kills. The 6th and final match was again won by City slums with seven kills followed by the Extreme with nine frags. New Invention was eliminated early, but still they eliminated five enemies.

Prize pool distribution of FFCO Ahmedabad finals:

  • Champion – 1,00,000 INR – Zero Degree
  • 1st Runner-up – 50,00INR- The Extreme
  • 2nd Runner-up – 25,000 INR – Conqueror
  • 4th Place – 25,000 INR- Bolt Regiment


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