5 Best Free Fire pets to pair with chrono for easy Booyah!

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Chrono is among the best character in Garena Free Fire. He boasts an incredible ability named “Time Turner,” which creates a force field blocking damage from enemies for a specific duration of time.

Moreover, the movement speed of players also increases. similar to characters in-game , pets have unique skills and aren’t just companion to players. Having the appropriate pet can aid users to a great extent, increasing their chances of getting the Booyah!.

This article lists the best pets that users can pair with chrono in Garena Free Fire.

Best Free Fire pets to pair with chrono for getting Booyah!

1- Dreki

Ability: Dragon Glare

DREKI is one of the newest pets recently being added to the game. Its Dragon Glare ability reveals the spot of enemy by a Medkit in a 10m radius, occurring for 3 seconds.

Simultaneously, at the maximum level(Level 3), users will see four foes using MEDKITS in the 30m range. The skill lasts 5 seconds. knowing the enemy’s location poses a big benefit for players.


Ability: Double Blubber

OTTERO owns an amazing skillset in the game, users with Double Blubber can regain some extra EP. While using a MedKit or a Treatment Gun. At the base level, the EP is 35%.

Meanwhile, the highest amount of EP which users can recover is 65% restored when they apply Treatment Gun or MEDKIT. The EP would gradually convert to HP.


Ability: Stay chill

The skill Rockie owns is among the top ones players can use to pair with characters that own active abilities. For the unknown, at the default level, it will decrease the cooldown duration of the equipped active ability by 6%.

At the top level, the skill can lesser 15%, which helps players big-time by decreasing the cooldown time of CHRONO’S skill.

4- Detective Panda

Ability: Panda’s Blessings

Another pet among the best Free Fire pets to pair with chrono in Booyah! is Detective Panda. His skill is called “OANDA’S Blessings”. Players who use it can replenish 4 HP per kill at level 1. Moreover, it develops when leveled up. At the max stage, Free Fire players will receive 10HP post all frags.

The added HP may be of great importance to players sometimes in adding them BOOYAH!.

5- Falco

Skill: Skyline Spree

Falco is another incredible pet that players can use with chrono. The gliding speed when sky diving increases by 15%, Whereas the diving rate after the parachute opens rises by 25% using his ability, skyline spree.

As soon as the skill reaches level 3, these percentages will rise to 45% and 50%, respectively. These effects apply to the entire team, helping players land quicker when compared to their enemies.

# K ( Caption Booyah!) +Falco

K has one of the most unique Free Fire abilities called “Monster of all” as he has two different modes, Jitsu mode and Psychology mode, The former increases the EP conversion rate by 500 %, whereas the Psychology mode recovers EP every 2 seconds.

Falco’s ability is called ‘Skyline spree’ it’s skill increases the player’s gliding speed upon skyline by 15% Apart from this, it’s skill also increases diving speed by 25% after the parachute opens. Falco pet suits with any character or any players who wish to land earlier than their opponents and have an upper hand. This is applicable to all members of the squad as well.

This is the list of top 3 pets and combinations in Free Fire for June 2021 to play with use this to stay ahead of your enemies in the game.

NOTE: All pets on the lists can be acquired for 699 diamonds via the in-game store.


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