Corona vs Jota, which free fire character is better for factory challenge after new updates

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The free fire OB28 update was released earlier this month the game received an array of new features with update, including buffs for characters like Laura, Paloma and CLU.

The factory challenge remains one of the most popular custom room challenges in the game even after the update. In this challenge two players have to engage in a 1v1 battle on a rooftop using only their fists or melee weapons the last man standing win the match this article compares the abilities of two popular free fire characters chrono and jota to determine who is the better pink for the factory challenge.

Chrono vs Jota comparison! Complete Analysis For Clash Squad Mode

Both the famous character jota and chrono have unique abilities in the game. Jota has an Aggressive skill whereas chrono is most effective for both passive and aggressive players. Jota can gain HP and is an advantage to all defensive players dispute all these the skill of Chrono’s character are more overturned than any other. It has both the capabilities of being defensive and aggressive at the same time

Chrono is popular for its active ability called time-turner the force field of the character can block 600 damage from enemies. one can achieve over 15% speed movement with the chrono character.

During skill activation allies within the force field get a 10% increase in movement speed-with the effects lasting for four seconds. The ability has a cooldown of so second.

Chrono’s maximum speed movement can be increased 30% if you follow the right practice the after-effects of the chrono character last for around is 40 seconds.


ABILITY! Time Turner


Chrono’s active ability time turner Creates a Force field that can block 600 damage from opponents at the base level. the character can short at his opponents while in side the force field. This movement speed is also boosted by 5% the effects last for 3 seconds with a 200 seconds cooldown.

At its highest level time turner improves movement speed by 15% all the effects last for eight seconds with a cooldown time of 170 seconds.


Ability: Sustained raids

Skill type! passive

At the default level Jota’s ability, called sustained raids automatically restores 25HP after each kill with an SMG or a shotgun. this ability has a five-second cooldown time at its highest level sustained raids recovers 40HP after each skill with an SMG or a short gun

Which who is better jota and chrono?

Both jota and chrono have unique abilities jota has an aggressive skill while chrono can be beneficial for both passive and aggressive players jota’s ability to going HP with each kill is a great asset for flexible and convenient than jota’s as he can defend as well as attack simultaneously.

NOTE ; the fights in the factory challenge are usually 1v1 and the weapons used are melee and firsts. This article compares the two characters based on these criteria.


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