How to get new characters released in Free Fire 4th Anniversary update.

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The Free Fire OB29 4th anniversary update was released recently and brought in a slew new features as well as other improvements. The gam’s developer have also revealed that they have collaborated with the well known DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

In the patch notes, it has been announced that characters based on both of them are set to make their way in to Free Fire. Players are ecstatic and can’t wait to acquire the in-game personal of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Which will be made available soon.

A Guide on How to Get New Dimitri and THEVA characters in Free Fire 4th anniversary Update


  • Availability: Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri ability generates a healing area of 3.5meter radius inside which users allowing them to heal Themselves . The duration of this ability is 10 second, at the base level, and it has an 85 second cooldown.

Additionally when knocked down, players and allies can heal themselves to back up. when the characters reaches max level, the skill duration is increased to 15 seconds, and the cooldown is reduced to 60 seconds.


  • Ability: Vital Vibes

This ability results in a 5% increase in rescue speed. Also, after a successful defense, players gain is health points. Defending speed is increased by 20% at the max level. Which HP recovery is increased by 40.


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