Free Fire 4th Anniversary event calendar leaks: All anniversary event dates revealed in 2021

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4th Anniversary Top-up

The 4th anniversary of free fire is almost around the corner, and it will be celebrated in August, as it has been for the last three years. The developers have already confirmed their collaboration with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike for the celebration.

Moreover, their in-game persona will be added to the diverse range of characters. GARENA also announced the release date of two characters Dimitri and THIVA. The former has been recently added to the game as part of top-up event. At the same time, the latter will be available on 28 August.

Several leaks regarding the anniversary events and celebrations have surfaced. Knight clown, a well-known data miner in the Indian Free Fire community has leaked the calendar for the upcoming celebrations.

Free Fire 4th anniversary all events from event calendar.

The Free Fire 4th anniversary is a major event in the game after the OB29 update. The events will be starting from August 20 and the event will drop up on September 5. The leaked dates from the event calendar for the Free Fire 4th anniversary all events:

  • 4th anniversary party( 20August to 5 September)
  • Lone Wolf Mode opens( 20 August to 1 September)
  • Login 7 days( 23 August to 1 September)
  • Complete Missions ( 20 August to 5 September)
  • Exchange Tokens ( 28 August to 5 September)
  • Anniversary Quiz ( 20 August to 28 August)
  • After Match Drop-4x only on ( 20August to 5 September)
  • Booyah Now! ( 28 August to 5 September)
  • Login for Free character (28 August)
  • CS cup challenge 1.0( 28 August)
  • Play to get cube Fragment ( 28 August)
  • CS Cup Challenge 2.0 ( 3 September)

There is also a new song for the event featuring all four DJ’s DJ Alok, DJ Kashmir, and the newly introduced DJ Duo.

These dates are not officially given by the developers and are leaked by a popular Free Fire data miner Knight clown.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Event rewards calendar Explained:

Here, we will talk about all the available rewards and their timings during the event. So the gamers will be 100% aware of the event.

1. THIVA character in Free Fire:

Basically, Free Fire has officially announced the character availability during the event. However, it will only be available during the peak days of the event.

2. Magic Cube Fragments:

You know that the gamers need magic Cube Fragments to rewards as magic Cube. They can use it later to claim the rewards. All the gamers are very much up for the calendar announcement. We can expert it around 28 August 2021. Let’s move to another two rewards of Free Fire 4th anniversary calendar.

3. Parachute:

We are expecting a unique parachute at this event, this event will run from around 20 August to 28th August.

4. Bundles:

basically, there are several bundles that are available at the event. So, let’s see. which of these rewards, bundles, characters are available. So, it will run for more than two weeks, the date is between August 20 and September5th. Free Fire Anniversary calendar.

5. Skins:

There are several skins will be available at the event. There is a big name Monster Rock which is floating around so much. So, we just need to wait for it. However, there are many more things to enjoy.

More about Free Fire 4th anniversary calendar:

Basically, these are the detailed calendar of Free Fire Anniversary Event. However, we are expecting more surprises. Let’s see wait and Enjoy FREE FIRE.


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