How to level up faster in Free Fire in 2021

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Leveling up in free fire might seem very difficult to some mobile gamers. Players will have to make use of experience points if they want to level up quickly.

One of the major advantages of leveling up in Free Fire is getting access to a wide range of pets and characters that the game offers. This article tells players about the different ways in which they can level quickly in Free Fire.

Tips to level up in Free Fire

1. Using EXP Cards

The EXP Cards in Free fire will help you to get extra the EXP points you get from every match. The number of points you get can be increased by 50- 100% based on the type of EXP Cards you have. Therefore, you will soon reach the next milestone and get a new level. While the EXP cards can be found on the in-game store, their price is quite costly. However, you can sometimes win the cards for taking part in events but you will need a bit of leak.

2. Top-up and spend more diamonds!

Apart from engaging in the battles, you can also gain some EXP Points just by topping up and spending diamonds in Free Fire. Although this method rounds easy, it turns out to be impossible for most players who plays the game in a budget. So the next two methods are exactly the ones you can take on.

3. Playing in ranked mode.

To make the most EXP from a battle, join the ranked mode or classic mode instead of orders. Play as many matches and stay as long as possible as the key point of a Battle Royale game is about being the last one who survives, not the one who gets the most kills.

3. Daily challenge

Free Fire has a long list of daily challenges that players can complete, completing such challenges and missions will allow battle Royale mobile gamers to gain to experience points that can be used to level up easily.

4. Win matches

This is one of the best ways that player can level up, and since it requires no diamonds it is automatically a major boost for financially weak players. Playing classic or ranked matches increases the EXP level of players.


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