List of new Free Fire characters in 2021 as of anniversary update

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Free Fire characters keep increasing with every major update that the Battle Royale game comes up with. From the OB26 update, rolled out in February 2021, to the OB29 update, a total of seven characters have been introduced.

List of Free Fire characters introduced in 2021

1. Damitri

2. Thiva

3. Xayne

4. Maro

5. D-bee

6. Skyler

7. Shirou

Damitri is the latest character to be added to Free Fire as part of the 4th anniversary (OB29) update. THIVA is a upcoming character who players can get free from on 28 August.

To acquire the other characters, they can head to the in-game store. Gamers must have enough diamonds(in-game

money) to buy these new characters.

Out of all the Free Fire characters introduced in 2021, three possess active abilities:


Active abilities have a cooldown time and have to be manually activated. On the other hand, passive abilities do not have the casually of cooldown and automatically get activated where the situation arises.

The passive characters introduced are:

  • MARO
  • D-bee

There are six levels for each Free Fire characters and they can be upgraded to the sixth (highest) level to unlock their true potential. Each character in Free Fire has three slots that can be made accessible using gold coins and diamonds. Users can fill slots with other characters abilities. They must have the other characters in their possession for this purpose.


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