How to get free 1000 Diamonds in Free Fire 2021, 100% possible.

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Purchasing skins, costumes, and other cosmetic items in GARENA Free Fire generally requires the usage of diamonds. For most gamers, the biggest issue is that diamonds are not free, and they have to be purchased.

It is not practical for a lot of them to spend money on a game. Because of this, players are always trying to find ways to acquire diamonds without spending any money. Here’s a list of all the trusted methods they can use to get their hands on the game’s in currency at no cost.

A possible list of free diamonds in Free Fire.

1. GPT Websites

login to swagbucks for free rewards

Players can also utilize the Get Paid to (GPT) website. SWAGBUCKS, YSENSE, and Prize rebel are among the best sites that gamers can use for this purpose. In most cases, users are required to participate in quizzes and surveys. They should be aware that cash out options differ depending on their country.


The BOOYAH has various events running that users can participate in some of them have premium in-game currency as the prize. Players can take part in such events and win Free Fire diamonds and other rewards. However, they should remember to link their Free Fire account to the “BOOYAH” app.


Get Free Diamonds Go to My YouTube Channel.

GIVEWAY are also a way to get diamonds in free fire. In many of these contests, Youtubers directly credit winners accounts with this in-game currency.

Never the less, this a matter of leaks, and there is no guarantee that the users will get rewarded. Besides these, some COSTUM rooms also of free diamonds as prizes. They are, therefore, another possible way of acquiring the currency.

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