Free Fire OB30 update release date, are revealed.

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With every Free Fire update, new features are added to enhance the overall experience for players. They eagerly anticipate the OB30 version following the positive response to the last patch, OB29 update, launched in early August.

The Advance server of OB30 Advance server started a few days back and provided gamers with an opportunity to test out the various upcoming features. The excitement is around the world of Free fire players.

Expected Release Date and Features.

The next free fire update could be released on 28 or 29 September. This is following the fast that GARENA has previously rolled out the updates a day before the end of the clash squad season.

Total gaming XYZ

On the top of this Gold Royale starts on the day of the updates. The ongoing one ends in 18 days, i.e., 29 September. During the day of the patch, the servers will be down for some times for maintenance, following which users will be able to enjoy the latest version.

Two new weapons are also present in the OB90. Advance server named “Treatment shotgun” and “Treatment sniper”. They will increase the HP of the treatment when they are shot at.

Pet- Agent Hop

If players have new pet, Agent Hop, equipped, they will receive EP every time the safe zone shrinks, Later, this EP converts to HP when it isn’t full.

Features of Free Fire OB30

Mystery characters

Two mystery characters have been added to the game.

1. Ability- Memory Mist

After killing an opponent, this ability will show the where about of others enemies at a specific distance. At the initial level, it detects adversaries with in 25m, which rises to 50m at level 6. Treatment will also be informed of the ability locations.

2. Ability- Buzzer Beats

Mystery Character- Buzzer- Beats Level up

Upon surviving combat, the passive skill, Buzzer, recovers health points. At the first level, users will recover 5 HP, subsequently increasing to 30HP.


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