Free Fire OB30 update features, New Attachments, treatment gun, and more.

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They have started dropping sneak peak in to the features to be added. The game’s developers have lot in store for players that elevate their gaming experience. The list of includes multiple attachments, a features to store replays, weapons battle and more.

Features in Free Fire OB 30 Update

  • New Attachments

The two additional attachments that will make their way in to the game include Vest HP Booster and Vest Thickness. These will improve vest durability, increasing your survival chances on the battleground.

  • Treatment Gun

The new patch will being in an auto-aiming function at team members for the Treatment Gun.

  • Replay Features.

A new features to record gameplay will be added with the Free Fire OB 30 update. Players will have option to save their game concludes. Users will find the replay option on their profile page.

  • Airdrop[ Vending Machine.

The airdrop vending machine will be differ from the normal ones in terms of the items they offer. Players will be able to purchase guns, grenade, and more supplies through free fire coins. It will provide a level 4 helmet as well as a vest.

  • Drop all Drop part option available.

Although this is small change to the backpack area, users can split their inventory in to stacks and drop it over to their teammates.

  • Weapon Balance.

In the upcoming patch, AWM is buffed in the other hand, the developers have nerfed grenade and vector to provide more balanced gameplay.


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