How to get free McLaren car skin in Free Fire

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Skins are the most attractive things in game free fire and players want to choose or purchase different things and skins for get attractive.

They have to pay diamonds and their wallet money to free fire for skins, and now free fire announced a event for McLaren winning spirit car skin totally free of cost.

McLaren Winning spirit car skin in free fire. Event have arisen as one of the most popular ways to obtain such content at no cost. New events are periodically added to the game and they offer to users more variety of rewards. The developers recently added a preview of one of the upcoming events, which gives players the opportunity to obtain the exclusive McLaren Winning Spirit car skin for free.

Guide to obtain McLaren car skin in free fire for free.

The “Free car skin” event will be starting in free fire on 2nd October 2021, and will run for only a single day. This time players will complete the important task of playing the game for 100 minutes.

Here are the steps that players can follow on the day of the event to claim the car skin:

Step 1: After gamers have played free fire for 100 minutes on October 2nd, they have to visit the events section by clicking on the “calendar” icon present on the lobby screen.

Step 2: Players have to click on the “Free Car Skin” option under the event tab. They will be able to find a claim button beside the skin.

Step 3: After clicking on that button McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin will be redeemed.

To equip the skin, they will have to head over to the collection tab.

Note:- The event is yet to start and users will only be able to obtain the Car Skin after it begins on 2nd October 2021.


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