How to get free Spikey Spin GLOO wall in free fire

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FREE FIRE has an array of exciting cosmetics, that includes best outfits and skins for various things like firearms, vehicles, and utility items, grenade and GLOO Wall. Although, Some cosmetics available on purchase in the store, these are also get in the rewards from the Elite Pass.

In these items, GLOO Wall skins are often considered rare in case, and therefore gamers do not miss out on any opportunity to lay their hands on the exclusive ones. A new Diwali Pass has commenced in free fire, which features a spikey spin GLOO Wall as on e of the rewards.

Free Fire Spikey Spin GLOO Wall: Daily Login Event.

Among the three events in the free fire. Diwali Pass event, the easiest to complete is the daily login one. The pass will start on the day it is purchased and go on till 7 days, in which the players can earn the rewards. The event will run from 2nd November till 8th November, 2021 and players can begin the pass anytime within this time frame.

Methods to get free GLOO Wall skin.

  • Open the free fire app and click on calendar option on the top- right side of the home screen.
  • After this, click on the News Tab on the top and then on the Diwali Pass on the left.
  • Click on “Go to” and event is open.
  • Purchase the Diwali Pass for 99 diamonds and then open the “Daily Login Rewards” on the left.
  • Login to the game for 7 days and unlock the exclusive Free Fire Spine GLOO Wall for free!


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