How to get free CRAFTLAND room card this week.

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Now that Diwali is over, players can indulge in the After party event in free fire. The event announced on 54th November 2021 and close on 11th November 2021.

By participating in the After Party event, Free Fire users have chance to win loot crate their own room and enjoy the game.

How to get free CRAFTLAND Room Card ?

  • Players need to first team up with their friends and play a game in the new OB30 patch in any game-mode.
  • After finishing the game, open the Calendar section on the right side of the homepage.
  • Click on the MAX the fire option on the top and then on the “Explore CRAFTLAND” option on the left.
  • Players can redeem the CRAFTLAND Room Card in Free Fire.

CRAFTLAND Room Card in free fire: Complete mission to get it!

New mission and events are the outmost selling point of any new update of the game, and this one has not fallen short. There are many new mission to complete which also has a variety of exclusive launch rewards for the players!


Room Cards are very prized items in free fire due to its ability to create room for the players. Custom Rooms in the game cannot be made normally, and requires this card to work. Players can invite their friends or even strangers to challenges and have Competitions inside this custom room. The latest custom room card to arrive is the CRAFTLAND room card which allows the users to make a Custom Room with the CRAFTLAND game mode.


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