How to get New character ‘Otho’ in free fire: Abilities, and price.

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Free Fire has characters that are unique and attractive on their abilities they possess. Every free fire player want to know about characters and their abilities and also want to obtain them.

Almost free fire has updated new characters recently, with OB30 version, Leon and Otho were added to the game. The former is free part of the ‘BOOYAH DAY’ event, while Otho has been introduced through the top-up event.

Otho Ability (Memory Mist)

At the base level, when you eliminate an enemy, Otho’s ability reveals the locations of the other foes within 25-meter radius. The information is also shared with the teammates. The range increases with level and reaches 50 meters at the characters maximum potential.

How to get Otho character in free fire.

The exact price of the character hasn’t been revealed yet, and he is currently available to players for free if they make a purchase during the ongoing top-up event.

Players will have to purchase a particular number of diamonds to get the following.

  • Top-up 100 diamonds: Otho character.
  • Top-up 500 diamonds: Otho’s Memorizer Bundle.

STEP 1. Players have to purchase diamonds from top-up event.

Since websites like codashop and games kharido aren’t available, the in game center would have to be used by the players.

STEP 2: Once players bought the diamonds that is required in numbers, the rewards must be claimed manually from the event section.

Otho’s character is also equipped from the characters section in-game.


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