Best 3 gun combos for 1v4 fight in ranked mode.

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Gun combinations in free fire play a different role. The best pairing of right weapon makes a difference in combat. Players loose the matches due to they not have some best gun combos that are very effective.

Now, we will tell you about most effective gun combos and that are maximize the combat proficiency.

Try out these pair of guns that are amazing combos in ranked mode in free fire.

1) AK+M1887


The AK assault rifle is in a class of its own. It offers good stats across the board in every category. However, gamers not to be able to control the recoil to use it properly. And M1887 is the perfect close-range weapon. It has high armor penetration, and when combined with HAYATO YAGONI’s Bushido, the gun becomes unstoppable.

2) AWM+ M14

AWM and M14 is the perfect range weapon. They both excel over high damage, an enemy squad won’t know what hit them. Gamers can use MARO to improve combat efficiency and even customize their HUD to use the emote button as crosshairs.

3) P90+MGL140

The P90 has a magazine size of 50, making the weapon ideal for sustained combat in free fire. When rushing a house or forcing enemies in to a corner, this gun is the best choice.

If used with the MGL140, opponents hiding behind gloo wall won’t last for long. In the hands of a seasoned players, these firearms are a deadly combination.


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