How to get best free fire bundles in 2021.

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Booyah Day Roll up.

The bundles are usually available within the store, while new ones an regularly introduced in events as well as Luck Royale. The developers are enhancing the list of possible options, then the providing players with a broader selection of cosmetics. Here is a guide to obtain the best one.

Methods to get free fire bundles for free in 2021.

1. Mystic Evil Bundle.

The Mystic Evil Bundle was added to free fire on 23 November in the BOOYAH Wish Event. where players attains items as low as one diamonds.

Many cosmetics are added in this bundle for stunning look. The event will be available until 29 November 2021, and the exact price of the bundle will depend on the Lucky Discount. The steps to obtain it.

STEP 1: Open Lucky Wheel in free fire, players should make a spin to receive a discount percentage.

STEP 2: They can subsequently purchase the items from the pool and only then receive a new discount percentage.

Players can buy the outfit on the first discount received or even wait for one diamond offer.

2: Alpha Flame Born Bundle.

The alpha flame born bundle is a new legendary outfit available in the BOOYAH Ascension . The outfit comes with its own set of perks. The procedure to attain the outfit is as follows:

STEP 1: First, open the BOOYAH Ascension event and make the desired number of spins to attain the BOOYAH Day Token Voucher.

STEP 2: Users can attain the outfit once they have collected 5 of these vouchers.

3. Spirit of BOOYAH Bundle.

Players can redeem the exclusive themed Bundle for BOOYAH Head from the premium section of the BOOYAH store in the special event interface. The female bundle is undoubtedly worth obtaining due to its unique design.

Steps to obtain it are as follows.

STEP 1: After players have collected the required number of BOOYAH heads from the BOOYAH GO Event, they can visit the special interface.

STEP 2: Subsequently, they must select the BOOYAH store and then tap on the premium tab.

STEP 3: Users can then exchange tokens for the spirit of BOOYAH Bundle.


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