How to get free diamonds for Elite Pass in free fire.

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In GARENA free fire players want to get free diamonds that is in-game currency of GARENA Free Fire. Many of them cosmetics like bundles, skins and more after completing missions and earning a certain number of badges in Battle Royale.

Every Month, a new pass is added, and there are two paid versions for which players must spend diamonds. Many users cannot do so, prompting them to seek alternative methods of obtaining diamonds for free in free fire.

Free Fire: Get free diamonds for Elite Pass.


You can buy game’s VIP Membership for a week ($1.99) or a month ($7.99). For the week membership, you will earn 60 diamonds per day for that week. The monthly membership will give you that daily have as well, but with the added benefit of 100 diamonds upfront, as soon as you buy it.


This is the first five option, through it is a much more rare way of getting diamonds. There are coupon codes that are out for players to find, you just have to know where. You have to be active of social networks in the game, influencer accounts, and official game events that are organized all around the world where GARENA takes advantage of using these codes.


In custom rooms, they are frequently held by YouTubers, streamers, and Instagram pages. Those who win get a chance to receive rewards such as the elite pass itself or even free diamonds. Players have to join the custom rooms can also give players several items in free fire at absolutely no cost.


Booyah is an app that GARENA had developed for gaming content. They host a plethora of unique events in which participants must complete a specific objective to be eligible for rewards. Diamonds are one of the prize in some of the events. However, players must remember to link their free fire account to this application to receive the rewards.


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