How to get Agent Hop in free fire.

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The new agent Hop Top Up kicked off on the Indian Server on 28 November 2021. It already added in a few of the servers earlier this month. The event will remain accessible until 2 December 2021, and between this time, players will have to purchase a mere 100 diamonds for their pet, while other items will require a higher to up.

The exact specifics of the new free fire top up event are as follows:

  • Top up 100 diamonds to obtain Agent Hop.
  • Top up 300 diamonds to obtain Pet Skin carnival Agent Hop.
  • Top up 500 diamonds to get show off to emote and Pet skin: Cyber Agent Hop.

Players simply need to top up the appropriate amount of diamonds in order to unlock the prizes and redeem them for free.

How to get the prizes ?

STEP 1: Open the GARENA Free Fire App.

STEP 2: Top-up diamonds from the in-game top-up center and any payment method you want.

STEP 3: Open the Calendar section of the game and then click on the “Event”.

STEP 4: Click on the “Agent Hop Top-up” and redeem the prizes from this section.

The new Agent Hop Top-up definitely provides rewards that are worth the top up. Moreover, each pet in the shop costs 699 diamonds, except two, which adds more reason not to shop out on these items.


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