Which is the best free fire character for clash squad.

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Free Fire gamers must be aware that there are two main game modes- clash squad and Battle Royale. The former features 4vs4, round-based matches. There are seven rounds in total, and the team to win the majority wins.

Choosing the proper character of free fire. While playing Clash Squad mode is imperative. This article has selected characters that is not only underrated but also very suitable for this mode.

Best free fire character for Clash Squad in December 2021.

* SKYLER ( Riptide Rhythm)

Skyler is one of the most useful characters in free fire clash squad mode. His ability ‘ Riptide Rhythm” will destroy gloo walls and leave the enemies uncovered. This ability can be most useful for players who want to push their rank in the latest CS ranked season.


Free Fire gamers must always remember that when it comes to the clash squad mode, they must always choose a character with good healing powers. In this case, KAPELLA is the best choice.

Her ability, Healing song, increases the effect of healing items by 10% at the first level and 20% at the final level. The healing skill of the character is also improved by 10% on all levels.

When gamers talk about healing powers, their mind will automatically goes to DJ ALOK and DAMITRI. Both these characters are good choice for the clash squad modes but they have a significant drawback- their cooldown times.

Since DJ ALOK and DAMITRI are active characters, they both have cooldown time is 45 seconds, fixed through all levels, and the cooldown time of DAMITRI reduces gradually from 58 seconds to 60 seconds.


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