How to create a custom room in Free Fire.

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To create a custom room, players need a specific card for the desired mode. Each room card costs 100 diamonds from the store, and players can play custom matches for Pet REMBLE, Pet Mania, Casual, CRAFTLAND, and league.

Step by step create a custom room in free fire.

Follow these steps to create a specific custom room in GARENA free fire:

STEP 1: Open free fire app and tap on the store, where users can purchase the room card of their choice.

STEP 2: On the Homepage of free fire game , you will get the option of change Mode on the top-right corner, on which you have to click.

STEP 3: After this you will get the option of custom Button at the bottom right corner, on which you will have to click.

STEP 4: Now you will get the option of create custom Room which you have to choose. After this you have to do some compulsory setting to make your free fire me Custom Room end.

STEP 5: In the end, your free fire me custom Room will be ready, after which you will have to click on the option of start etc.

After completing all the above steps, all of you can easily create your own free fire me Custom Room and with the help of this,

you can get the full exciting fun, thrill and enjoyment of free fire game.


  • Room
  • Game
  • Observer
  • Advanced Settings


  • Room
  • Game

STEP 6: Users can choose the room’s name, number of players, password, game mode, Map, team mode, spectators, choice of weapons, and many more for custom room.


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