How to get recover your guest account in free fire 2021

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Because of the system upgrade, many players lost their account. Which leaves them heavily disappointed as their progress gets erased. Recently, the developers have added a new recovery feature that provide individuals an opportunity to get their guest account back under particular circumstances.

How to recover guest account.


STEP 1: Users are needed to open free fire in their devices once done, on the homepage screen. Only they are required to click on the “setting” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

STEP 2: Users are needed to “Recover Guest Account” in setting “Basic” icon.

STEP 3: Lastly the gamers can tap on the “Recover” icon, The same notification will be reflected on the screen.

In order to recover their account, there should be Guest Account present on their device to recover it because it is not stored in the game’s server and if in case the account is lost it will never get recovered. Users can also link their accounts to social media accounts.

Gamers also need to note that the guest account data should be present on their device to recover again. It isn’t stored in the game servers, and if individuals lose their device or game data gets deleted. There’s no way to recover it.

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