How to get free Faded Wheel bundles and diamonds in free fire.

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Free Fire users want diamonds to purchase characters, bundles and many more in free fire. But diamonds is more rare case to achieve. Now we simplified our opinion for you. free faded wheel bundles and diamonds for you for free of cost.

Due to feasibility problems, users always search for free alternative ways to get diamonds. With Google Opinion Rewards being one of the best available options.

Many of them prefer Faded Wheel to spend their diamonds. Since they have a guarantee to achieve a given number of items within a free attempts.

Steps to get free diamonds in free fire and use it for faded wheel.

A spin event in free fire is basically a normal spin in which players need to spend diamonds to rotate the wheel or indicator. When the pointer stops at certain location then the reward is unlocked permanently. This is purely based on luck and one can not directly designate the amount of spins required to unlock a special rewards.

STEP 1: First, players need to download Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play store.

STEP 2: Next, set up the account by answering the basic questions subsequently, players will receive the surveys.

Once they have enough Google Play Credits, they should not make a regular top up. Instead, they should wait for the special Airdrops and often provides diamonds and other rewards, including crates, outfits and more, for a much lower rate.

Currently, the Predatory Cobra MP40 Faded Wheel is available with in the game. They can wait for another Faded wheel featuring bundles to shell and their diamonds as the new once are added almost one after another.

Moreover, each Faded Wheel in free fire requires around 1000+ diamonds. Therefore, gamers can use the first free spin and discounted spins to try their luck in obtaining the grand prize.


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