How to get more kills with shotgun in Free Fire.

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In free fire many guns are more effective for take down the enemies that are rifles to shotguns, there are many weapons to choose from shotgun in free fire are capable of inflicting high rates of damage but are rarely chosen by players when it comes to intense Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches.

Best tricks to use shotgun more effectively in free fire.

1. Best Gun Combination

Gun combination plays an important role in any Free Fire match. As a result, it is imperative that players have a clear idea about the type of gun they should pair with a shotgun.

Since shotguns are effective for short ranges, players should ideally pair them with a medium or long-range weapon. They can also play it safe by opting for an assault rifle instead of a sniper.


Players must use shotguns, ideally for close-range-fights. This is mainly because shotguns are capable of inflicting the most damage when used within a short distance.

When it comes to medium-range assault rifles are the best. Snipers with scopes are the most suitable when players want to shoot their enemies from a long distance.


Since Free Fire offers limited shotguns, players must always try their best to equip themselves with the best one available. M1014 and M1887 are good shotguns, but mobile gamers must never opt for SPAS12 due to its poor reload feature.


Since using a shotgun is still risky despite its advantages, players must be cautious and always use a backup if things go south. The best way to ensure this is by choosing free fire pets that help with health recovery like Robo, Ottero, Spirit Fox, and Detective Panda.


Players must choose Caroline while using a shotgun. She is a passive character which increases the movement speed of players by 3% at the initial level and 8% at the final level with her passive ability, Agility.


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