How to get unlimited diamonds in free fire 2022.

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Free Fire and free diamonds are the rewards that players can utilize to buy famous characters and other relatable things for the game. The best part is that they will not have to spend a single penny inside the game because they will have access to free fire free diamonds.

Users should consider downloading the application directly from the Google Play store in order to obtain free diamonds. If you are unaware of how to get the ff diamonds don’t worry because we are sharing the right opinion to get it.

How to get free fire diamonds for free?

The simple steps that you need to keep in mind for getting free fire diamonds are as follows:

Step 1: 

Go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone and hit the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: 

Select the payment and subscription option and click on the redeem gift code option.

Step 3:

The redeem code available to you needs to be mentioned at this place for adding money to the wallet.

Step 4:

After adding money to your wallet, move to the Free Fire application.

Step 5:

Choose any in-game premium item you’d like to bring with you to the game.

Step 6:

A pop-up will appear asking for you to complete the payment. Do it and hit the “continue” button.

As soon as you hit the continue button, the process will be completed, and the particular item will be available to you.

Note: If you are not looking forward to completing the process on your smartphone, then the same can be done on your laptop or computer. The steps for it are as follows:

Step 1:

Launch Google Chrome on your desktop and click the Google Play icon.

Step 2:

You’ll be taken to the Play Store page, where you can select a payment method.

Step 3:

Add Payment Method option is there click on it.

Step 3:

The Redeem Code option will appear. Click on the same and mention the redeem code in the blank space.

Step 4:

After it, hit the “Redeem” button to get it.

Step 5:

Now, with the help of your Google Play wallet balance, you can purchase the free fire diamonds in your free fire game easily.

Step 6:

After adding money to the wallet, the steps you took for the smartphone must be repeated for the laptop!

Generate 2500 + diamonds in free Fire with the help of currency generators:-

If you are not looking forward to following the Play Store method, you can simply utilize the currency generators available. You may think we’re joking, but it’s true that there are currently generators available that allow you to easily generate game currency. For it, the steps are as follows:-

Step 1:

Look out for the currency generator. On our online portal, you will find different currency generators available catering to your needs.

Step 2:

Now mention the Free Fire username after opening the generator and selecting the platform (Android/iOS) on which you are using it.

Step 3:

Mention the number of diamonds or coins you require and then hit the “generate” button.

Step 4:

It will ask for a verification process to know whether you are a human or a robot, so complete the same ideally.

Within no time, the same number of diamonds and coins will be reflected in your account.

Some more methods to get diamonds in ff:

If the above-mentioned method seems to be very difficult for you, don’t feel hesitant because we have a lot more for you. There are some other tricks that you can use to get free fire free diamonds (2500+) easily. These are as follows:

Get diamonds through the free fire advance server:

Free Fire Advanced Server will also assist you in obtaining an large number of diamonds. You need to download the advanced server and stay tuned with all the updates and features from GARENA. Make sure to try all of them to get the diamonds as rewards. This is available to all the players because GARENA wants to come up with a bug and glitch-free portal. When you complete the requirement, you will be rewarded.

Booyah app to earn diamonds:

The Booyah app is also among the most notable applications, and it is the official video sharing and streaming platform developed by FF Garena. Each gamer can be a part of it and win daily rewards. Also, you can participate in various events organized by others to get more out of them.

Be a part of the customs room to get diamonds and awards:

This may sound quite tricky, but you may be aware of organizations that release their tournaments for ordinary people. In these tournaments, you can participate and get diamonds and some other exclusive rewards. Also, you will get in-game currency by participating in them. This is a tricky one, so it is up to you whether you want to try it or not.

Be part of Google’s opinion:

Google always brings out the best for its customers, and no doubt they came up with the Google opinion option as well. It is among the safest methods available where you can win rewards. You can simply complete the task for the survey and get back to the Google Opinion app. You will be rewarded with some gift coupons and other codes that you can use in the game.

Participate in the free fire diamond giveaway:

The Free Fire developers also announced the giveaways where players will be able to win free diamonds. You can also participate in them. This is also a safe method and will save you from the unnecessary hustle and bustle.

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