How to get invisible nickname in free fire 2022.

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Players in Free Fire are generally on the lookout for new ways to obtain fashionable names in the game. They believe that doing so will make them stand out from the rest and appear unique on the battlefield.

There are a few methods that individuals can employ for the same purpose. Two of the most popular ones are stylish names with symbols and invisible nicknames. However, many aren’t aware of the steps involved in accomplishing these tricks.

Get invisible name in free fire 2022.

Step 1: To get an invisible name, the users will first have to copy the U+31125 (Hangul Filler) into their device’s ‘Notes’ app.

Step 2: Upon doing so, they must copy any letters in superscript form and paste them beneath the Hangul Filler they had earlier entered.

Gamers can manually create superscript letters from websites on the internet.

Step 3: As the final step, players can copy all the text and paste it when changing their IGNs.

Changing name in Free Fire

Step 1: Players have to head into their profiles in Free Fire and then click on the icon present beside their current nicknames.

Step 2: This will open up a name change dialog box on their screens. Subsequently, they can enter the required one directly.

Step 3: Gamers can finally click on the ‘390 diamonds’ option to complete the procedure and have a fancy name in Free Fire.

Guide to make Unique name in free fire .

To get unique names with fonts and symbols, the steps listed below can be incorporated by the players:

Step 1: Individuals must initially visit a website that generates stylish names, like and

Step 2: Next, enter the required nickname into the text field. On their screens, players will find a number of outputs featuring a wide array of fonts and symbols.

Step 3: The desired one can be chosen by them and utilized during the name change process.


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