How to get free diamonds in free fire in January 2022.

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Get free fire diamonds in free fire Over the year, various cosmetics have been introduced to free fire by the developers. The wide range of items includes skins, costumes, and more, which players can acquire in a number of different ways.

However, most exclusive items can with a cost, and not every user can spend real money on free fire. As a result, they search for methods to either get free diamonds or rewards in the battle Royale title.

Unique methods to get free diamonds and rewards in ff.


Special Airdrops are randomly provided to players. These can offer various denominations of diamonds and several other items at a much lower rate than the top up. However, not all players prefer this feature because the occurrence is unpredictable, and the deal offered may include an item they already own.


Poll Pay and Easy Rewards are two more GPT applications accessible on the market. These demand users to do a variety of tasks such as quizzes, surveys, watching videos, downloading applications, and more.

Players can cash out the rewards, in the form of gift cards and vouchers, for performing the tasks. These can subsequently be utilized to purchase in-game currency. Though these require effort and time, it is worth trying these out.

Garena releases Free Fire codes usually during the festive season and accomplishments of objectives/milestones. The rewards can often include tons of rewards, including several exclusive cosmetics that usually require diamonds.

Sometimes, the rewards for the redeem codes can involve diamonds as well. Thus, gamers should keep an eye out for these codes.

They can visit link page to find the working Free Fire redeem codes.

3. Giveaways

Although giveaways do not guarantee rewards, they are worth a shot. Several YouTubers host giveaways for various things such as diamonds, specific items within the event, or elite pass. Users usually have to fulfill the requirement to participate, which are generally relatively easy.


Google Opinion Rewards is probably the most acceptable means for users to acquire free diamonds. After completing the simple surveys, the application gives the players’ Google Play Credits’.

After accumulating a decent amount, they can be utilized by gamers to buy diamonds directly through the in-game top-up center.


Redeem codes emerge as another option for those users looking to acquire items in the game. They are pretty simple to use and can provide rewards with minimal effort. Players have to find a working code for their server and utilize it on the Rewards Redemption Site.


Events are common, and developers frequently add new ones. Some of them provide users with free Rewards. For example, the recently concluded New Age campaign events gave individuals an opportunity to get multiple costume bundles and other items at absolutely no cost.


This is an excellent way for the players who want in-game currency. Generally, diamonds are one of the prizes in the Custom Rooms, and participating in them can give users a good chance.

Additionally, individuals can also partake in giveaways to have a shot at receiving diamonds.

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