How to get free diamonds in Free Fire to unlock new pets?

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Diamonds are the premium currency of FF that can be used to purchase characters, pets and various in-game items. These diamonds have to be bought using real money which can often be quite an expensive affair to most players. Get free diamonds in free fire.

While purchasing diamonds players have to be careful of the fake websites that offer it for free. However, there are some methods that FF gamers can put to use if they want to acquire the premium in-game currency free of cost. Ways to acquire FF diamonds for free

Players can make use of the following ways to acquire FF diamonds for free:1) Mobile Applications

Applications like Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards and more allow players to complete surveys. Users get in-game credits and tokens in return that can be later used to purchase diamonds.2) Booyah!

Rewards offered by BOOYAH! GET free diamonds.

Garena’s very own Booyah! app hosts numerous events where diamonds are often a reward. All players have to do is link their Free Fire accounts and take part in events.3) Custom Rooms and Giveaways

Giveaways and Custom rooms.

Sometimes FF influencers and YouTubers host custom rooms and giveaways that offer free diamonds to players. However, winning the premium in-game currency completely depends upon the luck of the user. How to purchase pets in Free Fire.

After acquiring free diamonds in FF, players can follow the steps given below to unlock pets:

Pet option is located on the left side

Step 1: Mobile gamers will first have to open Free Fire and then tap on the Pets option on the left side of the screen.

“Purchase” option below the pet

Step 2: From there on, they will have to click on the Purchase option.

Purchase option is present below the list of pets and their prices (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: They will again have to confirm their purchase by tapping on the Purchase button.

Shiba is worth 699 diamonds.

Step 4: Users will finally have to click on 699 diamonds and make the necessary payments.


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