How to get free characters in GARENA free fire? Without paying any money.

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Characters are among the essential parts of the GARENA free fire as it is pretty impossible to maximize the tiers in the ranked mode. Character abilities often prove to be pretty critical to one’s strategic gameplay. Hence, it makes sense for players to acquire a suitable character after gaining experience. Get free characters in GARENA free fire.

Most of the characters cost hundreds of diamonds, which cost real money. Many users are still students or teenagers and are not financially independent. Therefore, they find it impossible to unlock the characters without using the actual currency. However, there are some ways that they can use to get characters for free.

GARENA Free Fire: The methods to get free characters in free fire without paying any money.

1) Go for characters that cost gold coins

Most characters are priced at a few hundred diamonds, but some can be acquired using Gold coins. There are decent options like Jota, A124, HAYATO, and XAYNE that can be unlocked using diamonds. Hence, players don’t have to pay real money as they can use coins earned from completing missions, playing matches, and daily logins.

2) Find ways to acquire free diamonds

Players can acquire diamonds using real money, which they can further use in obtaining their desired characters in Free Fire. If players cannot afford to spend real money on diamonds, they can look for legitimate purchasing methods.

Gamers can use GPT apps like Easy Rewards, Swagbucks and Poll Pay to earn gift cards or money by completing tasks. These tasks can vary from taking surveys to watching videos. Players can also use Google Opinion Rewards to gain the Google Play balance by answering questions.

3) Keep an eye on special Free Fire events

GARENA gives away free rewards on rare occasions like the Anniversary of the game. These free rewards may include new characters that are either obtainable through the login or in-game missions.


  1. In Game Store

Except for the default ones, nearly all other characters in Free Fire are up for purchase in Free Fire’s in-game store. They are priced at different rates, and users can acquire the best ones, i.e., DJ Alok, K, Dimitri and Chrono, for 599 diamonds.

Gamers can follow these steps to avail them:

Step 1: After entering the in-game shop, users must press the ‘Character’ option under the ‘Normal’ tab.

Step 2: A wide range of characters will show up on their screens. They can consequently proceed to obtain free characters.

2. By a top-up

This ended a few days back (Image via Free Fire)

Several new characters have been added as a result of a top-up event. For example, the most recent NAIRI, was available between 28 January – 31 January and was later added to the in-game shop for purchase after the event ended.

As a result, these have become the primary methods developers introduce characters into the game.


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