How to get level up faster in Free Fire OB32 update in 2022.

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In terms of player counts, GARENA’s Free Fire has grown faster than many other popular games in the same genre. The 10-minute survival game became the third of its kind to breach the milestone of one billion installs on the Google Play Store. Get the level up faster in free fire OB32 update in 2022.

There are multiple reasons behind the game’s success, and one of them is the in-game rewards one can earn through various methods. One way to earn free prizes in Free Fire is by simply increasing one’s experience levels, since greater EXP levels provide better payoffs. The article below will discuss how to level up faster in the game.

How to get level up faster in Garena Free Fire after OB32 update

To level up faster and accelerate their progress on Free Fire, players can purchase double XP cards, GARENA always offers these items as part of prizes at Lucky Royale roulettes Get level up faster in free fire in OB32 update in 2022.

In addition to double XP cards, the following tips help players level up faster:

  • Participate in departure in Classic mode;
  • Starting time is a great strategy to level up;
  • Fall as far as possible from the plane’s route, avoid being shot down;
  • Try to load as many healing resources as possible, such as Medical Kit and Inhaler;
  • Stay in the gas as much as possible;
  • Ranked matches give 20% more XP;

Remember, the longer the survival time the greater the amount of XP you earn and consequently you will level up faster.

How to other players rapidly gain maximum level on free fire? how to do that:

Players gain EXP by playing matches in Free Fire, and the amount of points gained depends upon their performance and the duration they stay in a game. So, players can increase this by getting more kills, surviving for as long as possible, and getting the Booyah.

Players can also focus on grinding hard for daily missions to enhance the frequency of matches played. Additionally, there is a way to level up faster by using EXP cards for a specific duration in the game. That allows users to gain extra EXP.

Here’s how players can use different EXP cards to level up faster in the game:

1: Open the game and tap on the profile to view the current level.

2. Players can open the in-game store and select the “Item” menu.

3: Gamers should spot the Double EXP Card (100% EXP Card) and tap on it to make the purchase.

4: Users will need to pay 100 diamonds to unlock the Double EXP Card. After the transaction has been completed, the card will automatically be credited to the player’s account.

Players can also get the Double EXP Card through the Elite Pass. Upon claiming a card, one doesn’t have to manually activate the same as it will automatically start working and disappear from the vault after its expiration date.

Gamers can also acquire a 50% EXP Card through Guild login to get a 1.5-times increase in the EXP they receive at the end of a match.


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