How to get free skins and Bundles in free fire MOCO store January 2022.

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GARENA introduced the Demi Wings backpack to Free Fire as one of the rewards for the top-up event, which went live yesterday. It received a positive response from the community and the developers are back with the Fierce DEMILORD Bundle, which is currently available in the MOCO Store. Get free skins and bundles in free fire MOCO store January 2022.

Free Fire players prefer the MOCO Store since it is similar to a Faded Wheel in that gamers have some influence over their reward pool. Additionally, they are guaranteed a set of rewards within a specified number of spins, reflecting the total cost of obtaining the grand prizes.

Free Fire MOCO Store Event: Check How to obtain Golden Roar Bundle from the event.

As usual, GARENA comes up with luck-based events every now and then. GARENA introduced the MOCO Store in the luck Royale from where players can get numerous rewards. The event is already live in-game and will continue until 15th January 2022. Basically, players need to select two sets of rewards and spin to win. Gamers will have enough time to claim all those items.

Meanwhile, there are two sections. Once is Grand Prize and Another one is Bonus Prize. Players have to select one item from each section. Thereafter, they have to click on confirm and a new page will open. Now, they should spin by spending 9 diamonds to obtain rewards. So, each spin will cost 9 diamonds. Get free skins and bundles in free fire MOCO store January 2022.

However, The grand prize rewards include Golden Roar Bundle and many more amazing bundles. The Bonus Prize also includes AC80 Gun skins and many other exciting items. So, players should select wisely to claim the desirable rewards.

Bonus and Grand Prizes in GARENA Free Fire MOCO store Event.

Here is the list:

  • Dawnlit Drago Parachute
  • 1x Cube Fragment
  • Dawnlit Drago Backpack
  • 1x Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry Date: 28 February 2022)
  • Two other selected items

Gamers can draw an item at random by making the spins. Once obtained, the items will not be repeated and hence the cost of making the spin will increase. The exact cost is:

  • Nine diamonds
  • 19 diamonds
  • 49 diamonds
  • 79 diamonds
  • 199 diamonds
  • 499 diamonds

As a result, gamers may acquire the entire prize pool for 854 diamonds, which is a fantastic deal since a single exclusive bundle costs more than this in the store. Subsequently, gamers with sufficient diamonds should not skip out on this opportunity.

Steps to access the event

Step 1: Users can open Luck Royale and select the MOCO Store section.

Step 2: Next, they need to select one item for each section and click the confirm button.

Step 3: Finally, draw rewards by spending diamonds.


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