How to get higher K/D ratio in GARENA Free Fire January 2022.

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When looking at other users’ profiles in Free Fire, players use a variety of factors, including K/D ratio and headshot percentage, to gauge their skill level. Although, Get higher K/D ratio in GARENA fere fire January 2022. since they have become the standard, users want to keep their K/D ratio as high as possible.

Increasing the K/D ratio is not the most straightforward process, as it necessitates the investment of time and effort. Gamers will be able to achieve their goal with relative ease if they have a proper plan in place and avoid common mistakes.

What is the KD ratio in GARENA Free Fire? Get Higher K/D ratio in free fire January 2022.

KD ratio means (kills/death), pronounced as Kill-to-death ratio. It is calculated as the ratio of Total kills to Total deaths. Let us know how players can maintain a high KD ratio in GARENA Free Fire.

Tips to increase KD ratio in Free Fire

1. Survive more/avoid dying

KD ratio is calculated as the ratio of Total kills to total deaths. So in order to have a higher ratio, you should have to die fewer times and get good kills in each match. Get higher K/D ratio in GARENA fere fire January 2022. This is what players of higher tier like Grand Master or Heroic and Rushers will do. They will take 4-5 booyah in a line with decent kills.

In order to increase the KD ratio, you have to survive and take booyah with consistent kills. Improving game sense and other tactics which would become much easier in increasing your KD ratio.

2. Booyah

Booyah or a win in a match to increase your KD ratio. This is more similar to the first point which is you have to survive till last avoiding death. If you have taken Two-digit kills in many matches and died in all of them, your KD will not improve either increase. Alternatively, If you have taken 5 kills in few matches and have won consistently, your KD ratio will subsequently increase. Do not push too hard or do not play too defensive, play a moderate game and bag a few kills along with Booyah.

3. Do not prefer hot drops

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Whether you play with randoms or your teammates, drop locations have a greater impact on a team. Those who wish to increase their KD ratio or push their rank should avoid hot drops. Landing in dangerous places like Clock Tower, Factory and Peak will get you eliminated early and if you die, your KD subsequently reduces. Thus, players should avoid hot drops.

4. Play with new players or new account

The game gets harder as your level increases. Free Fire will match players that are of the same tier as yours and if you are of a higher tier, you will be faced by the opponents of the relevant level. So, if you play with a new player or new account, most of the players in the lobby would be beginners or don’t know how to play. You can make a fortune there.

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