How to get free season 45 Elite pass in Free fire February 2022.

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Season 45 Elite Pass has found its way into GARENA Free Fire and the game’s community is quite enthusiastic about it. Users who purchase it will be eligible to receive a variety of exclusive rewards if they reach the required number of badges.

There are two separate versions of the pass that players may buy – the Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle. The former is priced at 499 diamonds, whilst the latter is priced at 999 diamonds and includes 50 more badges as an added bonus.

Ways to get Garena Free Fire Elite Pass for cheap

Players may either purchase memberships or wait for a better Special Airdrop to get the Free Elite Pass Season 45 for the month of February at a cheaper rate. Both of these approaches have been detailed below:


Whether weekly or monthly, both memberships offer diamonds at less than half the top-up price even if the currency received is considered for comparison. However, the only drawback for membership is that users only get some in-game currency upfront while collecting the remaining diamonds daily.

Here are the perks of both the membership tiers:

Weekly (INR 159)

  • Diamond Rewards: 100 immediately and 350 from daily check-in
  • Discount store privilege
  • 8x Universal EP Badge and more

Monthly (INR 799)

  • Diamond Rewards: 500 diamonds immediately and 2100 from daily check-in
  • 5x Second Change
  • 60x EP Badge
  • Weapon Skin Gift Box

Since the Elite Pass requires 499 diamonds in Free Fire, users can either proceed with two weekly memberships that will cost them INR 318 and will award players a total of 900 diamonds. On the other hand, they may also go ahead with a single monthly membership and get 2600 diamonds for INR 799, enabling them to purchase a total of 5 upcoming Elite Passes.

Steps to Purchase Elite Pass in GARENA Free Fire

After attaining the required number of diamonds for the Elite Pass, players can follow the steps stated below:

Step 1: First, head over to the Elite Pass section in Free Fire. Players will be able to spot a button reading ‘Upgrade,’ which they must then click.

Step 2: On their screens, individuals will be able to find two paid versions, and they can choose the required one. They can complete the purchase via a payment method of their choice to get the pass.

Leaked Rewards

The rewards for this month’s pass were leaked a while ago. Here are a few of the items that users might be receiving from the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45.

  • 0 Badges: Pickup Truck – Whirl of Swan
  • 15 Badges: Ice Feathers Hoodie
  • 50 Badges: Platinum Odette Bundle
  • 100 Badges: Embrace Skyboard
  • 150 Badges: Swan Embrace Loot Box
  • 200 Badges: Smooth Sway emote
  • 225 Badges: Silver Rothbart Bundle

Gamers can check out the video provided above to better understand the rewards.

The pre-order phase for the pass will also be commencing around the end of January, and gamers will be able to get an exclusive reward for completing that process.


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