How to get free Diamond in free fire 2022. Diamonds Royale vouchers:

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Garena is running the Happy Holi 2022 event in Free Fire Max, how to get free diamonds in free fire 2022. which comes with several new rewards and game modes. One of these game modes is Lone Wolf – Strike Out, which rewards players with free Diamond Royale and Weapons Royale vouchers. Along with these, players have chances to win Swagger Jeep skin, Captain Bubble M60 Crate, Incubator Royale voucher, and more in the Gather Balloons, Make a Splash mode. Here’s how you can earn several rewards during the Free Fire Max Holi event.

How to earn free Diamond Royale and Weapons Royale voucher in Free Fire

The Lone Wolf – Strike Out mode rewards with a Diamond Royale voucher and Weapons Royale voucher for completing some simple objectives that are listed below:

Play 1 Lone Wolf – Strike Out match: 1 Diamond Royale Voucher Play 2 Lone Wolf – Strike Out matches: 1 Weapons Royale voucher

You can claim these rewards by going to the Free Fire Max Happy Holi 2022 tab in the Events section, and clicking on the Claim button in Play Strike Out Mode section. The game mode will be available only until March 20th. However, this isn’t the only way to get free Diamond Royale and Weapons Royale voucher in Free Fire. Players can also earn these rewards from the Gather Balloons, Make a Splash mini-game. How to earn Free Fire rewards from Gather Balloons, Make a Splash

In Gather Balloons, Make a Splash, a bunch of balloons will spawn in a pool every hour. You can claim these balloons and throw them on a canvas to redeem rewards. You can increase the number of balloons spawned every hour by filling out the bonus gauge. which can be done by completing certain missions. Gather Balloons, Make a Splash missions are listed below: Booyah 3 times Booyah once Survive for 30 minutes Kill 10 enemies Play any mode once.

Boost will be reset at 4 AM daily. Rewards that can earned from Gather Balloons, Make a Splash are:1 Diamond Royale voucher1 Weapons Royale voucher. 1 Incubator Royale voucher1 Pet Food Dance emote Swagger Jeep skin1 Captain Bubble M60 Crate1 Great Plunder Groza Crate.

The Gather Balloons, Make a Splash mini-game will be available free diamonds in Free Fire until March 20th as part of the Free Fire Max Holi event.

Guide by which Players Can Acquire Free Diamonds 

Many third-party websites are claiming the free diamonds in the free fire. Try to avoid those websites because those websites can lead you to suspension. However there are some that can surely get you diamonds, check here.

Applications That you can use to get the in-game premium currency. 

1- Google opinion rewards 

This is an application by which you can easily obtain free diamonds in Garena Free Fire. When you open it, they will send you some surveys that you need to complete. After completing all those surveys, you will be able to get the in-game currency.  


There are several GPT apps that you can use to obtain diamonds. These applications will ask you to complete some tasks like quizzes, surveys, watching videos, downloading the applications, and much more.  

3- Booyah App Events 

In this application, you will be allow to watch your favorite player’s game. On this platform, you will need to see the clips, upload the videos and more then you will be able to get free diamonds and much more.  

Many events and tournaments are keep, launching by the developers every month. You can join those events and tournaments and can win many amazing rewards and also in-game currency. In this way, you should have amazing skills and abilities.  Your skills and abilities will help you go further in the game and you can easily buy diamond free fire and exciting rewards. Read this whole blog and let yourself know all the information by which you can get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire in 2022.


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