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Free Fire MAX’s login servers will be down for a few hours on account of server maintenance. Garena is preparing for the new OB33 update which will include a few new features added to the game. The update will bring a huge change to Garena Free Fire Max with the new Link System. The Link System allows you to unlock all Free Fire characters without diamonds. Players may not be able to login to their account during the patch. However, Free Fire MAX players who are already in the game will be able to access and play it as usual. The maintenance will be underway for only one hour tomorrow, so there won’t be too much disruption. Here is what to expect during the Free Fire Max server maintenance on March 23rd.

Free Fire Max Server Maintenance

The server maintenance is set to go live on March 23rd, between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM India time. However, some delays can be expected. The OB33 update will go live on all Free Fire MAX servers tomorrow and add new features like a new link system, Steffie and A124 ability reworks, Rafael and Nikita’s buffs and a new G36 assault rifle. There will also be a few weapon balance chances and a brand new Clash Squad season. Note that as part of the maintenance, the Supply Chest in the Hideout will also be temporarily closed.

Garena also included an important update for Free Fire players who use third party platforms to update or download the game.

Gamers will be able to acquire free characters in the game, thanks to the new character connection system. Until now, the characters could only be obtained with the use of diamonds, with the exception of a few old characters, who could be obtained through the use of gold coins. Players may now unlock them for free with the use of the new Link system.

Free Fire OB33 Update Link System
Image via Garena

Gamers will be able to choose from a variety of character options, including some of the most popular characters such as DJ AlokChronoSkyler and others. The newly added characters, however, will not be able to be linked. After three months of being introduced to the game, the new characters will also be ready to use in this system.

Free Fire OB33 Update Link System: How to get free characters

These are the following steps for claiming free characters using the Link system in Free Fire.

Free Fire OB33 Update Link System
Image via Garena
  • Step 1: Players should go to the Characters area and look for the new “Link” option.
  • Step 2: Select any of the available characters which they want to earn for free.
  • Step 3: To get 1000 points, fulfil the tasks by playing matches or exchanging gold coins. Once you’ve reached the required number of points, you can claim your linked character.

Points to remember

  • Players can only link one character at a time. Therefore, they cannot link two characters and get both for free.
  • If people are already linked one character and want to link another, they should use the “Relink” option and select the character they want to link. However, players will loose the existing target points.
  • They can only utilize the “Exchange Gold” option five times each day, to obtain target points. It resets every 24 hours.
  • Once they’ve claimed one character with the Link system, players can link the next character to earn a new free character.

That’s all about the new link feature arriving in Free Fire.

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