How to get Official V Badge in Free Fire 2022

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It’s a common desire among players of Free Fire to collect the game’s exclusive and rare items. The V Badge is among the most sought-after collectibles of this type, and it displays next to a player’s name in-game and at the top right of their avatar on their profile.

However, this badge is not available to everyone and is only provided to those who join the game’s official Partner Program. This subsequently led players to search for more details about the Partner Program, its criteria, and how to obtain the V Badge.

Details on how to get V Badge in Free Fire

Requirements to be met (Image via Garena)
Requirements to be met (Image via Garena)

Players can only obtain the V Badge through the Partner Program, and budding content creators can apply for it after meeting the requirements specified by the developers. Listed below are the specifics of the same:

  • YouTube channels possessing 1,00,00 subscribers
  • 3,00,000 channel views and 80% content based on Free Fire within the previous 30 days
  • Consistency in terms of social media activity and content quality
  • Non-offensive, clean, and engaging content
  • Professionalism, willingness to work hard, passion for gaming, and a drive to succeed together
Other benefits of the program (Image via Garena)
Other benefits of the program (Image via Garena)

Also, aside from the V Badge, gamers who join will gain tons of other benefits/rewards. These are the ones mentioned:

  • In-game rewards – custom room cards and diamonds
  • Financial compensation (For channels with 5,00,000 subscribers and 95% Free Fire-based content)
  • Advance access to content and official observer client
  • Opportunity to feature on the social media handles of the game
  • Chance to communicate with the game’s team
  • Special invites to tournaments and esports events
  • Exclusive merchandise and unique codes for giveaways

Additionally, it is vital to keep in mind that a spot in the program is not guaranteed, and Garena only chooses the most acceptable candidates after reviewing the candidates.

How to apply for the Partner Program

Press the ‘Apply Now button (Image via Garena)

Individuals can apply for the Partner Program by following the procedures below:

Step 1: Visit Free Fire Partner Program’s official website and tap on the ‘Apply Now button.

Step 2: A form will subsequently appear on the players’ screen. They must enter all the required details in the text fields.

The details include name, phone number, email address, channel link, etc.

Step 3: Finally, the form can be submitted to complete the application process.

They can then wait for a response from the developers.

Steps to apply for FFPP membership

Step 1: Click this link to go to the Free Fire’s Partner Program’s dedicated webpage.

Step 2: On the same page, click the Apply Now button and fill out the form with the relevant information, such as channel information, proof of identity, and so on.

Free Fire Partner Program
Image via Garena

Meeting the fundamental requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the partner program. Each applicant goes through an internal assessment process, and there are only a few slots open. The free fire team will contact applicants for further procedures if they pass the internal review.

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